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What'd Santa Bring Ya?


Under the tree this morning I found a few more things than expected with my name on them. I wasn't expecting anything as James and I agreed not to get each other gifts because of surprise other expenses we have had this month.

For me there was, all wrapped up pretty:

  • Original artwork by Zachariah and Lily.
  • A pair of costume earrings, bought at our corner market, from Trevor, Zachariah and Lily
  • A throw pillow that say's LOVE, that used to live on Lily's bed, from Lily
  • A little smurf figurine Lily stole from me a year ago, from Lily
  • A set of nice graphite and charcoal pencils I gave Zachariah for Xmas last year and he never used, from Zachariah
  • A copy of Haunted, from Gabriel
  • and a table top easel and canvasses from James (the rule breaker!)

So what did Santa bring you this 2012 Christmas?