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Naughty Consumerists, You


Well, just a couple more days until the official kick of of Christmas season, (at least here in America, I don't know when other countries decide their "official" kick of to the season is)

Seems like a good time for a topic about all those things you just have to buy.

I bought this snow globe that plays the Nutcracker suite for my grandma, it is a silly little thing but the sort of thing she will like,

*I can't find a picture of it, it has a young ballerina lacing her slippers*

I bought this one for me, because Clara and The Nutcracker

If my grandpa were here still I would have got him this one, because the Rat King,

*can't find that one either*

Well there is a picture of the one I bought.

I bought this for Gabriel, because he should stop growing up so fast,

How about you? what did you buy today?