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Disaster Thread

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I'm scared that Wellington is gonna get "the big one" soon. Earthquake, I mean.
I think our house will be reasonable ok. We get little earthquakes here all the time, so I don't get too freaked out over them, it's mostly an inconvenience trying to decide if we should stand in a doorway or not. We've got emergency water and stuff.
But since the big Christchurch quake I worry about it a lot. Especially when I'm in town with Lucy, or if I leave her with someone. And since the Japan Tsunami I worry heaps about them too, I'll never live by the sea now.

When I was little we lived by a river and got evacuated once when it broke it's bank, but our house was fine.

That's the closest I've ever been to some kind of natural disaster, what about you guys? Got any major fears? What is your area/country prone to?