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Cook Books


I love cooking. Really, I do. In fact my Yiayia always told me that I should go to school to be a chef. I probably should have... Now I feel it's too late to ever strive to be a head chef, so what would be the point.

Anyway - most of my recipes are from:
(a.) Better Homes and Garden Cookbook. You know that big red binder looking thing. It has the basics of everything in there. And I usually modify the recipes to make them healthier and more to my liking.
(b.) Eating for Life. This is Bill Phillip's cookbook. He wrote the Body 4 Life workout. It's pretty good. I've modified the chili recipe and combined it with the recipe from another book. It's among my favorite chili recipes I've ever tasted.
(c.) Muscle Chow. Cover model Greg Avedon wrote this one. Some of the recipes are pretty bland - they're for getting cut-up. But some of the recipes in there are awesome.
(d.) Tons of other healthy diet type cookbooks.

Here's the thing - so I know what makes a healthy meal. I know what substitutions to make to make something remain tasty but be healthy. I don't need the basics. I'm wanting to take it to "the next level."

I'm obsessed with Gordon Ramsay, so I'm wondering how his cookbooks are. He's got a few of them. Anybody have any? Cook from any of them?

Any other suggestions?

I'm looking for things that I can cook on Sunday and eat for lunch every day of the week from the left overs. That's generally what I do. At the bare minimum, I cook about 10 chicken breast on Sunday so I can add those to something else I whip together for lunch.