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newgirl here.
Joined this site because, I'm sure the people who frequent it have the best sense of humor in the world.
I'm a stay-at-home mom of a cute lil' toddler. Most people don't think that's a REAL job. I love it, so, it is what it is.
I am the self proclaimed queen of power chords. And I'm currently working on a repertoire to impress my toddler. She is in awe of my song stylings- for now.
Also, working on creating a college radio show at my old school. 90s retro, with local bands and input/forum of early 90s DJs and whoever else that's local from that era (or people in love with nostalgia) to put their 2 cents in.
I have a few other well-intended projects, that don't pay cash. Including working on a script.
I'd like to think that this script is my lottery ticket to fortune (forget fame!).
What else?...
I can't function without coffee or spell check.