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I Didn't Mean to be Kevin FREE Kindle ebook download through Aug 28th

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Here are the links to get it. Free. No catches. No gimmicks.
From Aug 24th through Aug 28th I Didn’t Mean to be Kevin: a novel will be FREE on Kindle.


Though, okay, one kinda catch. You don't have to, but if you are cool with spreading the word however you are most comfortable doing so, that would be amazing. Are you best at blogging? Then blog. Do you work best by brevity? Then tweet. Are you having fun with the new Facebook timeline feature? Then post a Facebook message. Call your congress person. Tell a stranger.

Here are a few sample messages to help (if you are of the Twitter persuasion). Expand on these if you want. Link to your own reviews.

  • FREE until 8/29. I Didn’t Mean to be Kevin by @calebjross. PW says it's like Palahniuk and Alexie. PW is right.
  • RT (please): Get I Didn't Mean to be Kevin: a novel FREE until 8/29. No catches. Just a damn good book.
  • For those with morbid interests in displayed body parts, I Didn't Mean to be Kevin: a novel is FREE until 8/29.
  • I Didn't Mean to be Kevin novel FREE until 8/29. These people like it: @paulGtremblay @PublishersWkly

What do you get out of it?

A free book, of course. And the respect of your newly gift-receiven friends. It feels good to give something to a friend. Also, for anyone interested, I’m going to post the daily(ish) download count on my blog ( I’ll also write up a few notes about what I did during the week (I may put some ads on Facebook, for example; I’m not sure yet). For those of you familiar with my blog, you may know that I am a data nerd at heart, so I enjoy trying out book salesy things and then blogging about the (un)success. Here’s a list of such posts: The first day's results have already been posted, here:

I hope everyone takes this post as the sincere giveaway that it is and not as a shitty marketing message. After all, I’m giving these books away for FREE, meaning, I’m making exactly $0.