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Trying to build a solid YouTube channel, so I'm giving away something cool

I've been around these The Cult parts for quite some time. I've popped in, out, and stayed around for many, many discussions over the years. I generally keep my endeavors quiet (other than my dedicated YouTube channel thread here...sorry), but for this latest endeavor, I'm trying to get the word out as much as I can.

I started a YouTube channel a few months ago. Things are going good. But, I'd like to really blow out the subscriber count. I know the content is good (it's stuff I like to watch anyway). I think book nerds would dig it, but I'm having trouble getting the subscriber counts up.

So, I am having a giveaway once I reach 100 subscribers.

What will that giveaway be? Not sure yet, but I promise it will be good and it will be made by my very own hands. I generally err on the side of handmade slipcases and a copy of one of my books, but who knows, maybe I’ll do more.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. You MUST be a subscriber to my YouTube channel.
  2. Once I hit 100 subscribers I’ll make a video outlining the giveaway details.
  3. Win a prize (or lose).

I anticipate item #2 above will go something like this: If you are a subscriber AND you comment on the giveaway video, I’ll assign a number to your comment and use a random number generator to do the ugly work for me. Then I’ll reach out to you with the good news.

Considering I’ll have only about 100 subscribers during the contest, your chances are damn good that you will win. Many channels wait until they have 500+ subscribers to do giveaways.

Also, don’t think of this as charity for me. You’ll be subscribing to get pretty good weekly(ish) videos containing book reviews, book skits, and other bookish buffoonery.

Subscribe here: