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Olympics 2012


Here you can find the schedule and the results:

Will you be watching? Where? With who? Which event are you most excited about watching? Anyone in specific you're cheering for?

I've always loved watching the Olympics. People get all excited about their own countries!

I love everything that has to do with Athletics and Gymnastics, so I'll try to watch that as much as I can! Swimming can also be fun to watch, but that's because the Dutchies tend to do quite well.

I'll be watching the first week in The Netherlands, but I don't think me and my boyfriend will actually be sitting in front of the tv much then. Probably in the mornings though! When I go back to Norway I won't have much time either, because I'll be working every day again. Oh well, I'm sure there will be reruns of events that I could watch. :)

What about you all?