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Recommendations Please

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Hey everyone,

I am one of those people that goes in and out of reading phases. I'll go on a reading binge of sorts than not pick up a book for a while. Anyways, I'm looking for some recommendations.

I have read all of Chuck's fiction with the exception of Pygmy & Tell All. My favorites out of those were Survivor, Lullaby, Choke, Diary, Fight Club. The only ones I didn't enjoy all that much were Snuff and Haunted. I've also really enjoyed the Vonnegut I've read which are Mother Night, Sirens of Titan, an Slaughterhouse-Five. Brave New World, The Green Mile, and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest are some of my other favorites.

Hopefully that will give you a general idea of the types of books I enjoy and you can recommend accordingly.