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Between the pages *spoilers - kind of*

I bought my copy of Damned from Chapters (Canada) on the day it was released. It is a signed copy (is that actually his signature? or a stamp or intern's forgery?) which I didn't really care about. Once I started reading it though, I realized that there were postcards wedged in between some of the pages. I'm impressed that they didn't fall out as I transported the book after buying it! I got 3...was that standard? or was it a random amount for everyone? Just curious.

Also, I have searched around and not found anyone mentioning this, so I'm curious if I got a unique defect in my copy of the book. Between pages 120 and 121 is a small fragment of a page. There are ~10 words on each side of it, and I leafed through the book to find out that it's from pages 91 and 92. The fragment is ripped along the edge. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the content on the pages surrounding it, or the rest of the book for that matter. Does every copy of the book have this fragment in it? Or only some? Or is mine just unique? Is this an Easter Egg? A clue to start looking for something? (anyone familiar with the Nine Inch Nails "Year Zero" altered reality game from a few years ago?)

BTW, I liked Damned. Not loved, but enjoyed it overall.