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I have read this book twice and plan to shed light on the meaning of this work, inconsistencies and side stories.

This book puts alot of emphasis on the theme of the government control on the people. The segregation between day and night was the government's way of cleaning up the streets, placing the blue collar, low life individuals into the night time and keeping the orthodox, buissness men in the light. When the quarantine broke out, all infected individuals were relocated. In the contributions chapter of the book, notice how not a single day timer was sent to quarantine, only the night timers. This was the government's way of using the small epidemic to their advantage and nuetrilizing the potential uprising and voting power the night timers would soon possess. Now the the quarantine is in act, the epidemic is over. The government however still drums it up, makes it seem more than an epidemic, in order to maintain control and vanquish political rivals and unwanted freedom fighters. Party crashing is a tolerated activity that lets the night timers tip toe over the rules so they feel like they are rebeling. THis is a strategic act by the government, for when the night timers can vent with such activities, there is less chance of uprising. THe people in power will stay in power.

I am not here to show the inconsistencies with the time travel aspect, for those are all debatable, i am here to show the true, concrete mishaps of the book.

1. On page 174 Tina Something says: "I don't give a gaddamn what the police say. Wax did not kill that hillbilly." On page 176 Echo says "...not funny. But Waxman did kill Rant."
Now we all now how rant casey died. He committed suicide in a car accident. What does this mean? I am not sure. Any of you know?

2.In the second chapter these quotes can be found. "We found the best friend's name in a phone book, Bodie Carlyle, then found his trailer at the end of a dirt road. Tumbleweeds piled window-deep against it, and a pit bull chained and barking in the dirt yard. This was hours before sunrise. We didn't even knock on the trailer door." This description gives one the interpretation that noone has lived in the trailer for years. "I kept waiting for a sign Irene Casey was still alive and no mysterious stranger had strangled or stabber to death yet." This gives the interpretation that they do not see mrs. casey in her home.

Now forward to the end of the book, Chapter 37 Resolving Origin, "Watched the house with the dark outline of Irene in the yellow square of the kitchen window. One of her hands holding a shape in her lap, while her other hand touched the shape and pulled away." and then, "From next to the trunk of a locust tree, a shape broke away. A figure stepped out, and a man's voice said, "Mrs. Casey?" And Irene said, "Bodie? Bodie Carlyle?"

Now i have a theory to this change. It is said multiple times in the book that history is always changing around us, we just don't notice. I think Rant went and saved his mom, and the result is she is now alive, where as in the beggining of the book she is not.

3. This is more of a side story that goes into an inconsistancy, let me explain.

Galton Nye, a city council man, says "My own dauther is a so-called nighttimer, my own little girl...Despite how mucher her mother and i tried to warn her, she rejected us...Our little girl graduated the salutatorian of the Christian Pathways Academy ... All the detective ever gave us for our money was a picture of her in some junky car with the boy, "Just Married" written in white under her window." Now look in chapter 39, Werewolves 5, "Somebody wrote in every stall: 'Amber Nye is dripping with Rabies!' Only, really, amber wrote that herself." Amber goes on to become impregnated with Gregg Denny's baby. She had attended the Christian Pathway Academy. My guess is, Amber Nye one day changed her name to Tina Something. This is just a theory. The only contradiction i can find to this is when it says, "Amber was always telling me...'rant casey is the father of my Rabies." This means that Rant was already dead and a martyr when she was a child, when tina, as an adult, knew Rant before he even became famous.

so thats what i got, is this stuff obvious to all you or have i stumbled upon stuff? try to reason out that wax man incon.