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Your local sayings.


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Some kiwi sayings:

Good as gold. (Perfect, great)

Sweet as. (Can get us in trouble overseas when people think we are saying sweet ass)

She'll be right. (everything will be ok)

Rattle your dags. (hurry up)

Pack a sad. (get grumpy)

Bit of a dag. (Someone is a bit of a joker, funny)

Blow me down. (Sort of an exclamation like "I didn't know that!")

Bob's your Uncle. (Kind of meaning "It's as easy as that!" Like "Put that in there and Bob's your Uncle."

Bugger all (not much)

Brassed off (pissed off)

cods wollop (bullshit, not true)

Guts for garters (be in big trouble)

Hard yakka (hard work)

Kick the bucket (die)

Piece of piss (easy)

tiki tour (go the long way)

what are ya! (Are you crazy?) - I use this one a lot.

wop-wops (In the middle of nowhere)

Now it's your turn, share some of your local sayings or funny words for things.