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I am Jack's smirking revenge...

Hello to All!

You can call me Zac. I reside in the less than suitable city of Cincinnati, although I do spend most of my time living in my own mind. I intend to use this club as a tool to give and receive what I believe to be the breath of the soul, writing.

To me, writing is a force of energy that does not move. Immovable objects are consistent enough to trust against change. If you bear your mind and heart in your writing, your mind and heart will never be moved. They will be safe as long as you want them to be.

I enjoy writing poetry. It is just enough to allow me to express myself as deeply as I want without overbearing my attention span. I also enjoy reading other's work and meeting new people. So please do not hesitate to approach me. Lets explore the possibilities of imagination together and, if we're lucky, maybe we will get lost along the way...