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There seems to be a theme of mixing attributes of man and dog in Rant. In fact there are so many examples that I’m beginning to wonder if they are being used in a way other than as a device to create a menacing atmosphere. I think there is enough evidence to put forward a suggestion that Rant may not be solely human i.e. that he is in fact some sort of human/canine crossbreed.

Here is a small selection of evidence:

“Rant Casey had a dog’s sense of smell. A human bloodhound, he could track anything.” he has a very keen sense of taste and smell. Amongst his talents, he can sniff out when a female is most fertile (P182).

P35 “He used to wake up with a yelp.”

P41 “My take is you’re not born loving nobody. Love is a skill you learn. Like house-training a dog.”

P313 Bodie Carlyle “gossip says a secret dog pack of folks runs the world.”

P77 Chapter 10 – ‘Werewolves’. “either of these transgressions – or simply being bitten by a wolf – it is believed would transform one into a legendary half-human, half-canine monster, bloodthirsty and savage: a werewolf.

P293 the French phrase for dusk or twilight “between dog and wolf”.

P265 “ Throughout all mythology, the Gods have created themselves as mortals by bearing children by mortal women. The deity simply emerges from the infinity of Liminal Time and manifests himself in the form of an angel or swan or beast and completes the seduction ……. That will result in a mortal offspring”.

Of course it’s entirely possibly that Rant’s extra ordinary abilities may have arisen as the result of stoking but I’m not so sure. Does anyone else think there is sufficient evidence to consider that Rant (and possibly Echo) may not be entirely human?