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My new "First edition" copy of Fight Club

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Hi guys,

Long being a convert of the film, when I finally had a little bit of money to spare and the time to read it, I bought a "first edition" copy of Fight Club from a seller on eBay.

Even though a new edition was freely available in my local bookshop, I did this because I wanted one specifically free of imagery from the successive film.

Now, I'm not under the illusion that what I bought was a first print of the first edition (probably a third print or something). However, when it arrived, I had to ask myself something I never had to before, i.e. "Is there such a thing as a counterfeit book?"

If you take a look at the photos I've taken of it at the link below (it's not a link to malware, I promise - just to a picasa web album) you can see that the pages look as though they were cut with a child's scissors. And even worse, the widths of the pages are all messed up, meaning that I can't even easily flick through my long-awaited copy of Fight Club.

Of those of you who have this edition, could you tell me if this is normal?

I'm thinking I should return it. Please let me know what you think guys.