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The new and, hopefully, only Pic thread for The Cult. Post whatever cool pictures, art, animated GIFs, etc... you have. need a couple guidelines though.
1. No porn; roughly 97% of the internet is porn. I'm sure the creativity pool runs deeper here.
2. Try to post pics only. If there is a lot of chatter and no pics being posted the space for this thread will go quick.
3. Don't be a dick/etiquette Nazi. The reason I said "TRY to post pics only". This is a forum conversations will abound

I'll start 'er off I guess.

There are several of these pieces out there. Don't have the link but they're easy enough to find

The classic Hubble Ultra Deep Field

Pierre Beteille

I'll be the first to say this one is pretty fucked up

Now for some natural beauty