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Celebrity Crushes


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Do you have one? And, if you met them, would you ever act on it?

I have two very legit celebrity crushes. The first one is Grace Potter. And, I'm being 100% serious when I say if I ever get the chance to meet her, I will use all my Aussie charm to get her to fall for me. Not even joking a little bit. Like, when I come over to the states, I'm going to find her and chat her up and, with enough luck, go on a date with her.

The other one is Lisa (on the left) from The Veronicas (A L.A-based Australian band lead by two identical twin sisters). She's stunning. And, when I'm in L.A I'm going to play on her homesickness and date the shit out of her.

Just try to not fall in love with either of those two ladies.

So, which celebrity do you want to date and why haven't you tried it on them yet? After all, they're just ordinary people with extraordinary jobs.