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Free short story ebook!

I couldn't help myself! I recently converted one of my short stories into an ebook over at

It's free! If you like it then hopefully you will be interested in my full length novel "One More Suicide" which will be done and published on Amazon sometime today and all the other major retailers by next Thursday. My stories are / will be available on all major formats.

By the way, if you ever want one of my short stories, don't buy them on Amazon because for some reason they won't let me sell it for free. Get them at smashwords.

If this goes well then I may consider getting a print publisher.

Stories coming up:

~One More Suicide (Novel)
~Fight with a Creationist (Short Story)
~A Farewell to Arms, Not That One! (Short Story)
~Bride of Roger Weinstein (Short Story)
~The Kids Aren't Alright (Novel)