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Escaped mental inmates

Watching Scariest Places On Earth on ABC Family....they cover a mental hospital, with a history "too gruesome" to reveal where it is. So of course, I decide it sounds like a good short story, and I must absolutely know where this has taken place. Of course, I can't find it. So I'm recruiting you guys.

IF this place actually exists (it sounds a little far fetched to me), this is what I know...

A patient escapes, dismembering another female patient. He buries her around the hospital grounds, and is never caught. He is believed to still live around the hospital, which closed its doors in 1990 due to its inhumane treatment of patients, apparently still using electroshock treatment, beating patients, etc. A newspaper quoted it's constable, Charles Gravis, as telling the town not to panic, but a very violent and insane criminal had escaped.

If this rings a bell to anyone, or you come up with anything else to add, let me know, because I'm very curious.