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Frankly I AM lost... and it's driving me crazy

Does anyone know what this is from?

My sister gave me this old picture, back in march, that she had picked up a year or two ago at a yard sale. I've been trying off and on since she gave it to me to figure out who said this, or what movie or book or what it is from. I can't find anything online, I've tried searching it every way I can think of. Nobody I know recognizes it, or if they do they can't remember what it is exactly.

It's not super important or anything, mostly I just really dig the picture as a piece of art. I want to re-frame it and hang it up on my bedroom wall or something. But not without knowing what the hell it is from. If it turns out it's some freaky weird famous person maybe I don't want it on my wall after all. Or, if it is from a book or movie I might want to read or watch said book or movie.

BUT I DON"T KNOW WHAT IT'S FROM! or who it is in the picture for that matter, but it seems sop familiar at the same time ...and I want to pull my hair out about it whenever I see it lurking in the back of my closet all neglected.

Assistance with this is much appreciated.

The quote on the picture:

"I have taken the pill, I have hoisted my skirts to my thighs, dropped them to my ankles, rebelled at the university, skied at aspen, lived with two men, married one, earned my keep, kept my identity and frankly...I'm lost."

and the picture itself: