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Random signed copy?

Hello all, greetings from Iceland!

I think this question needs a little bit of a background, but I'm wondering if this is random or a part of the paperback release:

I bought my copy of Haunted in 2008 from a bookstore in downtown Reykjavik and read it that fall. Great book, one of my favorites in fact so I just picked it up again.

Now, my first surprise was turning off the lights and after 2 years of owning the book being freaked out when I found out the cover glows in the dark. The following night when I picked it up again, still laughing to myself about being so surprised I went through the first few pages, after the blurbs and reviews I had skipped in the first read and noticed "All stories are ghosts". The white ink in black had kinda etched into the black page in front of it so I started wondering if the ink was also glow in the dark. So, when I put it up to the light I noticed some shadows in the paper of the right hand page which led me to the opposing page who had raised lines so I flipped the page and discovered that the title page was signed "Chuck Palahniuk"! Now, I couldn't believe it, thought it was just a print or a stamp, but the pressure of the pen is embedded 2-3 pages down, and there's a little bleed into the paper and a little smudge onto the opposing page from the signature. So, all things considered I'd say a nice felt tip pen was at work here!

I've been googling around, and the Amazon preview doesn't have a signature there.

So, picking up a signed copy from the shelf of a bookstore in Iceland is pretty random, right?