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Well hi guys :') Was unsure about posting here as every thread seems to involve you guys mercilessly taking the piss, but I figured hey, maybe it's some kind of initiation ceremony.

To keep it brief, it makes it less painful:

So I'm 16 and a girl, which usually involves a lot of 'tits or gtfo' responses, but hey. I'm British and study English Literature, English Language, Psychology and Media Studies. I make costumes and have an interest in modeling (lol, vanity). Ideally I want to write novels, but don't we all, so I'm setting my sights on being a Uni lecturer for English.

I honestly can't remember how I got into Chuck - I remember reading Fight Club first (before I saw the movie) and sort of got hooked from there. My favourite ever is Invisible Monsters, shock horror.

So - hi! Have at it, I guess.