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The Artist in Question by Michael J Seidlinger

Indeed, this is one of those promotional topics... one, I hope, will yield interest among the members of The Cult. My debut, The Artist in Question, has been published by Civil Coping Mechanisms, a new experimental fiction press. CCM is also publishing Paris 60 the latest novel from Harold Jaffe (15 Serial Killers; False Positive; Terror Dot Gov), Michael Cisco's The Narrator (author of The Traitor), and the next volume of Journal of Experimental Fiction.

From the back cover:

"A memoir of momentary creativity

A send-off of the significant self. I will create no longer. “He” was killed and the blood splatter is captured here across the memoir’s pages. What is paginated within were inceptive ideas I treated once as my own, as my conceptually-born children. Too young to die, I drowned them in the ink of the page followed by the severing of that person in me that gave reason to treat every opportunity with enthusiasm. So it turned out I have a taste for cyanide. I burned the documents with the body. I’ve escaped unfettered. Now, I have all the time in the world without a single thing to concern. Here I am, but then I am not. This is perhaps too personal for me to please anyone. It hits too close to where my heart once was held. But I’m left with this, documentation of the era of my life when my imagination still existed to fill the page.

This is the final edit of the artist murdered. The inner thoughts, musings, and manifestations of the would-be artist, for whatever reasons discouraged and dispelled from the annals of creative expression. Here lies an exquisite corpse, the remains of, at one time, were an artists’ exploratory map, and progress in-the-making – little more than a number of lines revealing a contradicting kind, those seeking desperately to grasp… for all those told to quit, there is to be at least one that should have kept with it. This is a memoir of personal failure and of what was sacrificed in order to re-emerge. I survived the misfortune only to live this sad, state of self-loathing. You’ll come to hate this as much as I hate what I’ve become. Every day is a moment of silent withdrawal."

Now, surely I'm starting this topic to spread awareness... however I have an ulterior motive. If any member is interested in reviewing The Artist in Question for a site, a journal, or simply to spread the word by providing an honest review on Amazon, I have a number of review copies available. I have provided a few links, one to the CCM site and one to the Amazon listing, so feel free to have a look.

Available now on Amazon