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Fight Club's ending: What actually happened?

I've read the ending of Fight Club over and over and I'm thinking:

A. The Narrator died and has gone to the afterlife or
B. the Narrator was sent to a mental institution of some sort.

In the book it says "Of course, when I pulled the trigger, I died." But this line is immediately followed by "Liar."

Also, the way "heaven" is described has some hints of an institution, such as rubber-soled shoes and the meals on trays with paper cups of meds.

Not only this, but the Narrator says people write to him in heaven, and even Marla wrote him saying "they'll bring him back." This could be like recieving mail in an institution.

The Narrator also says "But I don't want to go back. Not yet."

If the Narrator is in heaven, however, I love how even the angels are part of Project Mayhem.

It's probable that Mr. Palahniuk left the chapter like this for the reader to wonder what is really happening.

What do ya'll think really happened at the end?