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Review of "Tell All" - SPOILERS!!!

Okay, I must first admit that I just love Chuck. No matter what he publishes, I'll always relish in the fact that it came from Chuck. That being said... I liked Tell All. But I'd be foolish not to admit that it is simply the clean version of Snuff. Same basic plot. Aging starlet/porn queen needs to make a comeback. A close personal assistant helping out as much as she can while we prattle through funny one liners about the industry she works in, naming of old actors/directors/writers/performers/or funny porn titles. We suspect a close male companion of plotting her demise, only to find that it is in fact the assistant. Again, I love Chuck, so all the prattle along the way, witty one liners, acute social observations and virtual philosophy of life is entertaining and enjoyable. But the style and plot line are EXTREMELY similar to Snuff, just with a starlet from "normal" films. As with Snuff and Pygmy, the whole "surprised ending" is getting easier and easier to spot, and (I'm guesssing) harded and harded for Chuck to come up with. I'm still thoroughly excited for Damned, and I would love to see that potential/rumored sequel to Rant (a story and style that I thoroughly loved and honestly consider to be one of Chuck's best - tied with Survivor). This is just my opinion though. Let's hear what others thought....