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Sorry if this has been done.

I love LOVE documentaries. Can't get enough of them.

I just watched Outrage, about closeted members of the Government that continually vote against gay rights, protections against hate crimes, adoption rights, gay marriage, and more. Larry Craig and Jim Crist are two of the focal points, but there are many members involved. Very frightening how the world works sometimes.

I really want to see:

The Bridge
The Cove
The September Issue

I love:
The Aristocrats
Supersize me
Bowling for Columbine
Grey Gardens
Stranger with a Camera
Jesus Camp (two girls from my high school were IN this!!??!)
Fahrenheit 9/11

hate to say it, but An Inconvenient Truth bored me, but freaked me out.

anyone have good suggestions? I need more to put on my list of "to see"