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Differences between french and english edition ?

Hi everyone,

I'm french, so I read all Chuck's books in my own language, including Survivor, a long time ago. It should be my prefer noval, so I always said to myself : I should read it again.

This summer my girl friend offered it to me : an english edition (Vintage Books, London). I was not ready to read it, because of my english, but since I read a lot of american screenplays for my work, and I thought I was ready.

Well surprise !

In the french edition, the pages and chapters are countdown. You read page 280, then 279, then 278... The book is published that way, but you keep reading it like a normal book, from left to right.

In the english edition, the pages and chapter are in the right order, so if you read it like a normal book, it wont make sens. I have to start to the end of the book, and read pages from right to left, like a manga book.

So I ask my self : is it normal ? Or the publisher did wrong in put the pages in the right order. What about your english editions guys ? It's no big deal, I can still read it, now I have the key... But I'm just curious to know about other editions.