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How did she write this Diary towards the end.

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Hello Everyone.

I'm brand new to this board, and found it in my search for answers to questions that I had after reading Survivor. I thought back to when I read "Diary" a couple months back and thought I'd give this a shot.

Now, I may have missed some important part that explained this, but I gave the book back and can't give it a second glance. Toward the end of the diary, when Misty was all messed up in the hospital bed, how was she able to put all of this info in her diary? As far as I could tell she was barely with it, messed up on drugs, strapped to a bed, blind, but then here is her diary... quite sensibly written. If she was as screwed up as the diary would have you believe, how on earth could she have written all of this in a sensable manner? Shouldn't it have been a bunch of nonsense? Did someone else write this portion of it and I missed a clue somewhere?

Some of these posts are quite old... I hope someone can answer this for me.