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I thought snuff was

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hi i'll start off by saying im a massive, massive chuck fan....but i thought snuff was a load of shit. i hated it, i think its his worse book by a long long way. all the way through it i just kept what.. i couldnt see any point to any of it. the ending, the lightning..yeah right. it had none of the energy or anger of his (brilliant) earlier books. ok i accept that as a person he has changed, evolved, of course, we all do, over time. his personal circumstances have changed and maybe he no longer has the same anger. Or maybe he thought why do the same old thing time after time, try an alternative approach, fair enough, im just saying i hated it. Am i alone? also i hated haunted which i think in most circles was quite well recieved, so maybe i dont "get" his work any more. i loved rant, thought it was absolutly spot on, cant praise it enough. tc guys. ben.