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The "Choke" enterprenuerial technique

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One of the themes in "Choke" that seems understated in the book is the fact that this guy gets money through getting rescued from choking by restaurant patrons who then help him out financially over time.

I hadn't paid much attention to that until I fell down at the supermarket the other day.

There was some syrupy goo outside the exit door, I slipped and fell to the ground. I wasn't hurt in any serious way, although I was limping a little for the afternoon. And I had syrupy goo on my pants leg.

The manager was apologetic and fretful. I am convinced that if I so much as said "ouch" he would have summoned an ambulance.

I tried to convince him that I was fine, and that the only thing I was worried about was that someone else might fall and get seriously hurt, so please get someone to clean up the goo. Which he did.

He continued to fret and hover around me, so finally I blurted out, in a joking way, "like I said, I'm really okay. Of course, if you wanted to give me a gift card or something..."

DONE!! He immediately flew over to customer service, had a gift card rung up and promptly handed it over, relieved that he had, somehow, done SOMEthing to be of help.

I'm too old and brittle to persue a lifetime of pratfalls for profit, but I'm sure someone could if they were limber enough and desperate enough.

Which got me to wondering. Choking in restaurants, pratfalls in supermarkets... how else could one profit if one were so minded?