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i dont know; it was something mirk said earlier, about not ever reading it. it has occurred to me a couple of times in the past year to particularly ask her what she thought of the book, being that the story if far removed from her general like of bookreads; i just kept forgetting. then i read in a post earlier that she exhibits absolutely no interest in reading it. like, as in, ever haha

i can only imagine that the amount of chuck fans here who do not hold desire to someday read snuff is legion; but i do desire to understand a majority of the reasons. the fors and againsts. thoughts, specific ideas.

i didnt like choke. not that much, anyway. that book was sordid, poor-me, just silly to me with the birthday and christmas card money because of staged chokings; though, the sex addict workshop and the honest in-belief as a descendant of christ was pretty fun. in other words, even if i knew everything about the book prior to reading the book, i doubt such foresight would have deterred my reading of it in resolve. i certainly enjoyed parts. as with snuff.

except, with snuff:

there is no illusion: it is not a deep book with rich characters. there is no existential mountain of porn, no project mayhem homework assignments, nor credish death cult members, no apparitionous messiah on a stretch of highway road reviving struck animals.. it is about porn, set up like a porn set the way invisible monsters was fashioned like a fashion pin up magazine. flash, and you get a whole history about the porn world; it does not find the deep.

but it is a fun read. my woman, mortified, threw the book down a few times. "This guy is fucking sick." and thirty minutes later, she'd be back on the couch reading what happens next. gross and all, the book is still a fun read !