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Real men have long hair?


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i was recently tangled into an enticing discussion on long hair. what kind of men do you believe have long hair?

rapists? gays? victims to beastiality obsession?

or maybe your take on the matter is sex symbols or heros.

a wise man once said, "excluding the people on the disney channel and men in politics, every man with long hair is automatically a sex icon."

now the matter must be tackled in the most unbiased way possible. so before writing this essay, i cut my hair to see both sides of the argument. i have done little reseach and most of the facts were pulled from the top of my head.

sure, mr. clean, superman, and lincoln did not sport the long hair.

but who do we see sporting it today?

it is sad to say that the general population of long haired people are hipsters and trendy teenagers.

but what real men have long hair? we could take a look at our classical days; jesus, vikings, and even samurais. or in fantasy or science fiction; Legolas, Aragorn, and the dude from star trek with the fucked up forehead (i know the name, that just rolls off the tongue better).

you have to ask yourself the question: "are these the kind of people we want running our world?

a concept picture, indeed, but the fact of the matter is hitler had short hair. you just have to think about it.

coincidence? N*sync, backstreet boys, dave matthews -- he's actually a pretty cool guy, but most people consider him to be (insert homosexual adjective).

i left a lot of points out on purpose. i want you to disagree and extrapolate. just think, some people actually believe hair affects personality.