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More Reviews of Choke

I was wondering what else people thought of the movie...

I saw it on Saturday, and my honest review is that is was "fine". Not raving amazing, or earth shattering, but good. It really make me wonder what people who haven't read the book and/or aren't Palahniuk fans would think of it. It had a lot of funny stuff, and stayed with the book on a topical level pretty well (save for the changed ending). Anjelica Huston wasn't as bad as I've heard others say. Kelly MacDonald was a little flat. Sam Rockwell and Brad Henke(the guy that played Denny) were great!

The story lacked a that back-story, inside Victor's head, depth that the novel created. You don't get as involved with his savior complex, or his mother's insanity, or specifically Victor's self-loathing turned to self-acceptance by the end as you do in the book, but I suppose that is better accomplished in the novel format anyway...

Well, what did everyone think? Are you, or do you know any non-Palahniuk fans who saw the movie? How did they receive it?