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Movie talk


I don't know where the last 'general movie chit chat' thread went so here's another...

I just watched the Midnight Meat Train. I heard it was pretty poor but I thought I'd give it a go and despite the incredibly bad cgi I got about half way through thinking it wasn't that bad. But then it just got silly at the end and yes it is a bit shite.

Then I watched Timecrimes (Los Cronocrimenes) which was awesome. Seriously. I really wanted to see this at FrightFest in the summer but they showed it during a day I was working so I couldn't go. Anyway, it's a brilliant film. Basically it involves time-travel but I won't go into it as it'll just give it away and hurt my head. Just watch it. I saw Primer a few years ago, a low-budget time-travel film which I got all excited about until I watched it and realised it was a pile of wank. I had a bad feeling that Timecrimes would also disappoint me but it didn't. It's so simple (in a way) with a small cast and the lead character, some normal bloke, is just perfect. Anyone else seen it?