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I wrote a poem.

Hi. I've been on this site since last October. Never really posted on the forums though. Anyway, I wrote an intense poem the other day and for some reason at the moment I feel inspired to post it here. It's called Doom.

what connection do we have
to the land and trees?
man does take, for his own sake,
everything he sees.
there was a time, long ago,
when each could make his own,
but those days are long past dead,
forcibly outgrown.
among the forests, all at peace,
man lived without gloom,
but way up high, above his eye,
society did loom.
through violent force it came to be,
ugly from the start,
and violence once again shall strike
and all shall fall apart.
a time of joy, an age of peace,
will follow this great day,
and all the earth shall live in mirth,
till death returns to play.
then all life, once again,
will spiral down to hell,
and this world, stuck spinning round,
will never leave its cell.