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The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

Read it! If you're a fan of Chuck's descriptive style, there's something for you. If you liked The Book Of Lost Things, you will LOVE it. If you are chewing your knuckles waiting for Craig Clevenger's next novel, this might tide you over.

I can't say much because this is a book I read blind and I want you to read it the same way. It was in a box of books that Random house had sent Dennis and I set aside all my other books (Including the new Garcia Marquez! And new Ian McEwan!) after I read the first page.

Excerpt here.

Please, PLEASE read this if you are ready for a book that will enthrall the hell out of you and possibly make you cry.

I swear, I had 50 pages left when my sister came back from a 10 day vacation and I was house sitting for her. I couldn't even talk to her! I said I had to finish this book. I finished, handed it to her, went into the backyard where her kids couldn't see me, and had a good cry. Composed myself and three hours later my sister was still reading. I had to order pizza for her kids and get them bathed and teeth brushed and all that jazz because she couldn't put it down either.