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The greatest novel I ever read.

I do believe that Mr. Palahniuk has out done himself with this one. Some people say that novels exist to tell not just a story of fiction but the story that is the human condition. The trials and tribulation of the individual as well as the society we see and see ouselves as. Diary has done that- but on a grand, majestic and timeless level. I place this book up there with the iliad and the godspells. Observing the life of Misty Marie as she is manipulated (and I use that term awkwardly for even without the covert intervention and influence of the Island Elders she may very well had ended up just as the story concluded) by the Waytansee natives, I can't help but feel that, in real life, we are all "betrayed by everything we do"- that everything we do is a diary that will repeat itself in the next life like the grooves of some great eternal vynil record. That maybe there is such a thing as destiny, maybe there is such a thing as....fate. It's almost like you get a glimpse of the very meaning of life within the words of this great epic. It also gives me an idea about why it is we suffer- to get closer to God. The path to enlightment is beset with pain.