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Guts Reactions (Not about fainting)

I was talking to a female friend of mine about Fight Club (the movie, she hadn't seen it, but was interested) and the topic turned to one about Chuck, and his work. I told her that he had a short story he read on tour that made a buncha people faint, and how its in his newest novel, Haunted. She wanted to read it, even if just to see if she could. I'm just wondering, from a female's perspective, what the reaction is to the story. Especially with the wax thing, because obviously a woman wouldn't do least not exactly that. Is it well recieved, is it as powerful, disturbing, etc?

I don't mean to limit and label people's responses in terms of their gender. I know many females that were interested by Fight Club, though one could say it is generally a "men's" movie. I was wondering if the same applies to Guts.