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maybe snuff is just a decoder ring method of saying dead end

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I bought and finished Snuff in under five hours.  This isn't to say I used this to gauge the quality of the book.  Most Palahniuck titles keep me up until the last page turns.  I just want to re-enforce my anticipation of the book and it's plot summary.  However, only a few chapters in, the storyline seemed obvious and uninspired.  Chuck  used his expected, though appreciated, methods of fact listing and repetition and it was interesting.  Unfortunately, the tune sounded a little too similiar to that of Tender Branson's monologues concerning household stains and wound disguise.  A lot of the chapters seemed to exploit Palahniuck's gift for depicting the shocking and morose.  It seemed like this was just a little too easy to churn out.  Like asking Bukowski to write an essay concerning disaffected drunken womenizers faced with a society to which they cannot conform.  I have read and re-read many of Chuck's novels with a slack jaw and eyes dried out for lack of blinking.  Haunted still gives me a satisfactory queasiness with every read.  Almost all of his stories, shocked, surprised and ultimately, inspired me.  Snuff just fell flat.  If this had been his first or even second novel, maybe I would think differently.  But the fact is, he has already set a standard to which I believe most of his dedicated readers anticipate him to exceed with each new work of art.  Even the jacket description of an "incendiary climax" seemed to be of the sophmoric one-liner genre as opposed to the nihilist wit of Palahniuck.  I realize he doesn't write these quips but why even lend your name to such low grade irony?

This probably goes completely against the grain of what most of the people on these forums feel concerning Chuck's newest edition.  I expect harsh criticism and a big scarlet A to place over my screen name.  That's fine.  Just know that I'm not calling one of my favorite authors a failure, just a let down, and I would be very interested in reading what other faithful readers have to say about that thought.  I will continue to praise Palahniuck's work and buy his future novels.  I truly anticipate the release of the upcoming flms based on his books.  I just wish that Snuff had turned out to be the literary adventure I was anticipating.  And furthermore, it's the first time I've learned about the future release of a new novel(Pygmy), and had my excitement diluted with wariness.