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I'm Solle, 17, Dutch. I like to write. I like to draw. About a year ago, a friend convinced me to watch Fight Club. I bought the book soon after that, followed by Survivor last month and Invisible Monsters yesterday. Chuck's style is inspiring, beautiful, hilarious, generally nifty, and quite a few more adjectives.

Truth be told, Fight Club is not the best book I've ever read, nor is it the best movie I've ever seen. However, it is by far the most enjoyable book I've encountered so far, and the same goes for the movie. Yes, I'm critical. I like details. Nitpicking. Fight Club, book, is always next to my pillow--call me obsessed, or just plain addicted.

I didn't like Survivor. Oh, I liked the plot, I liked Tender, I liked the dialogue and everything else. I just hated the atmosphere. To each their own.

I liked Invisible Monsters. Not loved. I liked it, a lot, and it inspired me to Google the name Palahniuk and to find this site. Hi y'all.

Well, I'm off to find me a decent av and sig, and maybe even inspiration for some fanart.