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Help please with writting

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ok well i have to write a series of poems (which is by no means something i am a natuaral at) and i will write one of mine under because i need feedback since i really am way better at short stories but i am also having a lot of trouble picking more topics for these poems so if you have any ideas you feell like sharing please do. Thank you so much and P.S plaese dont be too harsh i am really consious about my writting.

Let Us Dine
The dining table is the battlefield
Where knives stab and forks fight
The flesh of the innocent
Is torn, ripped and devoured
In jaws filled with white daggers
The plate, once golden
Now overflowing with crimson blood
Of the sacrificed prey.
In this theater of war
Let us dine on our own lies
For if we do not gulp them down first
They will consume us.
Dinner is served.
Shall we stuff ourselves
With the likes of tormented souls?
The taste of others’ pain
Will wash down the tart flavor
Of our own suffering.
The clanking of cutlery
Made intentional loud
To hide the sounds of our ghosts
That are lurking as we feast.
Secretly we all fear that
Our poltergeists will cause our death
Little do we know that it will be
The cutlery who have plotted against us
At this dinner party no one leaves….

sorry if it is not that good i usually only write short stories