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Chuck inspired song

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Hello all,

Back in January I quit my band because I didn't have time anymore, and I decided I would rather have a family then be a rock star. We were kinda getting big in the area, so we got some studio time and recorded an 8 song cd. It was fun.
Anyway, to the point, one of the songs was named "Insomnia." I was so inspired by Chuck's work that I wanted to write a song about one (or many but only got around to one) of his books. Kinda like Metallica's One based on Johny got his gun.
The style of the band is kinda like Pantera or Godsmack or Killswitch Engadge.
Anyway, here it is for who ever cares to listen.


Also, if there are any other musicians who have Chuck inspired songs in the cult, please share.