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When have YOU experienced Stendhal syndrome?

Or rather, to what piece of art or music?

I must stress that this is not meant as "what's your favorite song/painting?" I totally associated with the description our dear friend Tuffy the DT dug up from numerous texts, as well as Chuck's own depiction of it in [I]Diary[/I] .

When have you felt like your entire existence was swallowed by something you either looked into or listened to? How, exactly did you feel it happen?

For me, it was hearing godspeed you black! emperor's F#A#(infinity symbol) the first time. For approx. sixty minutes, I simply sat, with my palms sweating, while vivid imagery filled my consciousness. It was like living poetry, channeled into my head through sound. Right? lol.

And as for art, either seeing Jackson Pollock's [I]Number One (Lavender Mist) [/I] in the National Gallery of Art, or looking through Crowley's Thoth tarot for the first time. Both instances left me speechless, dizzy, euphoric, and dissociated.

You tell me, now, dammit!