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Liminal / Liminoid Time

I think we can do this [B]without spoilers[/B] please!

When have you ever experienced liminal or liminoid time? This is when you experience being outside of time, time seems to stop or slow down. Sometimes, it's like your inside a magic room that is detached from reality, unanchored, you could open the door again and it could open to anywhere, a different universe even. Sometimes, when you come out, yeah food tastes better, colors are more vivid, sex is more intense, fear is gone or at least you can transcend it. In that opening, it's like you could do anything or be anybody.

I think the dark side of it is that you could also hurt anybody and use people--You think that you are more important, because you are going to change the world, and everyone else is just a pawn in your game. You say people who don't like you are closed-minded or they just don't "get it" because they are unenlightened, if they could just "get it" and be like you, then everything would be perfect. Of course, you are just fully expressing your authentic self, and if people can't accept that, well fuck 'em. Naturally, this is all hypothetical, I could not possibly be talking about my own personal experience ;)