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Rant: June Bookclub pick

Welcome to the June bookclub.
If you're new, feel free to jump in and discuss.

Some of the issues singled out in other threads are:
What is the cover art?
Can anyone completely follow the sequence of events?
Is this book part of a trilogy?
How does the Party Crashing relate to other novels?
In addition there are threads on a few individual characters, most notably Tina Something and Echo Lawrence.
Feel free to discuss any of these things here.

If none of that bakes your cinnamon roll, then here are a few more points of discussion:
+Has anyone read [I]Lexicon Devil,[/I] the book from which the style of [I]Rant[/I] was borrowed? Or has anybody read any other books using this interview technique or something similar? Did it work for that book and how do you think it worked for [I]Rant[/I]?
+There's been a lot of discussion about the second half of the book in the forums, but not much of the earlier parts (I'm thinking pre Party Crashing). Does anyone have thoughts on them or thoughts on the fact that they are discussed less?

+Bonus Question: What would be the theme for Party Crashing tonight if you were responsible for coming up with it?

Feel free to answer all/some/any/none of these questions. I know this is hypocritical, but shorter responses addressing fewer questions at once seem to result in better discussion.