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Post 'Rant" Reviews, Articles & Interviews Here

Hey guys,

Something I want to try and do this time around with the release of 'Rant', Chuck's next novel, is recruit your help in gathering all the media that surfaces along with this book. Now, I've done this in the past too, but we've never had one place to store it all before.

This time we do. This thread will act as the archive for any links, reviews, appearance blurbs, etc that you find related to 'Rant'. This will make my job of updating the actual Media page on this site that much easier and thorough.

Now I know that reviews of 'Rant' have already begun appearing on the net. So let's get started. Anyone who has the links, go ahead and start posting them. You can combine multiple links in one post, but please be clear and accurate with your description of the link. And most importantly, make sure the address of the URL is correct.

Thanks, all!