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"Law & Order" Appreciation Thread


I dedicate this thread to Vendetta!

Who else thinks this (and its subsequent spin-offs) is the best thing on TV!?

Tonight's episode was a good one (albeit rerun): 4 Hispanic boys disappear from Brooklyn in the '70's, and one of their bodies was found in 2005. OMG! The killer turns out, in a horrible Jack Ruby-like twist, to be dying of cancer and refuses to plead guilty.

Talkin' bout:
-Did Mariska Hagitary (spuh) have a baby or something?
-What was the name of that spin-off with real life court trials and real lawyers and fancy things like that that got cancelled after 20 minutes?
-Does anyone else pine away nightly since the death of Jerry Orbach?
-Vincent D'Nofrio: excellent method actor, or twitchy weirdo?
-Spike's [url=]excellent Law and Order coloring book[/url] thread.