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New FC2 site. Need your help!

Hey all-

It's been a while since I've posted but would like to let the masses know that I am now working on a Fight Club 2 website, much like the already existing one, but more like a site where you let us know what you would like to see in a sequal. Now, I would never wish a sequal on this MIND BLOWING and inspirational film, but I'm the type that likes to stop, look at a film and say, "What if?" "What if we do it, and do it right?" You know. So for this site, before it goes live, I need your help. The sites features will include movie posters, wallpapers, and even movie trailers based on the idea of a fight club sequal and thats where you come in. If you have some photoshoping skills and think you want to throw together a poster for the would be film, do so and it will be featured on the site, same goes for any art or even a fake movie trailer for those of you with editing skills. Really just be creative with it, come up with YOUR plot and make it interesting. I can only accept a few pieces to go on the main site but for those who just like the idea, you can still post your work on the message board. After a while, we may rotate work on the board onto the main site. I dont know. This is really just for fun, so if your interested and just feel like contributing for the love of Fight Club then feel free. Thank You.