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Graphic Novel Exchange Trial-run

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I've been thinking about this for awhile, but wasn't too sure so I'll just throw it out and see if anyone is interested.

I want to start a Cult graphic novel exchange. I'd like to think I have a decent amount of graphic novels sitting on the bookshelf. As much as I enjoy having them on the shelf, I think it's kind of sad other people haven't read them. I don't have an essential collection because most of those titles you can probably find in your local library. But what I do have, I think other people may have an interest in reading.

Basically, I want to see how many people are interested to see if this something worth doing or not. It's fine either way.

[SIZE=3][B]How will it work?[/B] [/SIZE] (Again, not too sure, but here's an idea)

[B]1. Post here[/B]; the titles you're willing to exchange.

[B]2. PM the person[/B]; if you see something you want to read. share addresses.

[B]3. Shipping[/B]; here's the tricky part because we know sending things can get pricey. So I'll leave that up to the people who will trade. Other suggestions are welcome.

[B]4. Done reading[/B]; either send back to the original owner or send off to the next person who wants to read.

[SIZE=3][B]What are the potential problems?[/B][/SIZE]

[B]1. Nobody is interested[/B]; That's my biggest concern because I don't really see anyone talking that much about comic books. Then again, I could be wrong (hopefully I am).

[B]2. Stealing[/B]; Once somebody is done, he or she might not send the graphic novel back. I personally wouldn't be offended. I'd think it's fine that somebody felt so moved (or wanted to make a quick buck) that they had to steal it. I'm not advocating stealing. I'm just saying I understand. But if stealing does that we can warn people about this member

[B]3. Not sharing[/B]; You have to be willing to give, not just receive.
*on a side-note, I understand there are some titles you don't want to share, and that's totally understandable. We're not a library.

[B]4. Damage[/B]; I don't know what condition you like your comics, but I try to get mine at the most reasonable mint condition. But with shipping, other peeps mishandling, or various reasons, graphic novels are bound to be damaged. I suggest you select carefully the titles you're willing to share. Hopefully, all will be in a readable or good condition.

[SIZE=3][B]Why no graphic novel group?[/B][/SIZE]
umm..I've seen only 1 member who keeps up with comic books like I do. But if you want to start one go ahead. This graphic novel exchange I'm proposing is on a trial-run just to see if there is any interest.

So that's it. If you have interest, suggestions, or questions then post here.