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Discussion 4/05: The Final Solution by Michael Chabon

Some pre-reading themes and ideas/questions from your April Discussion Leader, Undertow.

-- Any thoughts on how the opening quote by Mary Jo Salter ties in with the story?

-- What did you think of Chabon's description of Bruno's actions and emotions towards the end of the book? Did it seem awkward or was it interesting to have Chabon treat a parrot like the rest of his human characters?

-- Do you think the German number sequences were made up by the boy? Ideally, read pages 130-131 and consider the opening quote before discussing this.

-- For those who know German, was the end surprising at all, or was it predictable?

-- Considering the book is a short read, did Chabon's sometimes-flowery language seem to juxtapose the idea of tight, concise writing that a short novel would hopefully have, or did it seem to fit right in?